Iron Tight Saferooms and Storm Shelters are offered in all sizes, ranging from 4' x 6' up to 9' x 14', as well as custom orders.  In order to meet the needs of each of our customers, we offer a choice of 12 gauge steel, 3/16" steel, and 1/4" steel.  For more detailed information on the sizing of our storm shelters, click here

Each unit has an inward swinging door that includes an emergency escape feature, making it nearly impossible to be trapped inside.  All our safe rooms and storm shelters feature three Medeco Maxum stainless steel, commercial grade locking deadbolts, all keyed alike.  Thanks to the deadbolts, Iron Tight storm shelters can also serve as a safe/vault for firearms and valuables.  The 1/4" Saferoom is also bullet resistant allowing it to serve as an intruder safe room, making it the #1 Safe Room offering the BEST protection for your family and valuables.

Iron Tight Saferooms & Storm Shelters feature:

  • Engineer Seal of Approval
  • All units meet and/or exceed FEMA Standards and Texas Tech Requirements
  • Handicap Accessible
  • HILTI anchoring system into existing slab
  • 4 x 4 Electrical Box
  • Cross Ventilation
  • Delivery & Installation by trained professionals

Advantages to Iron Tight Saferooms & Storm Shelters:

  • The BEST in Family Protection
  • Panic room to protect you and your family from intruders
  • Vault/Safe to protect your children from firearms and your firearms and valuables from intruders
  • Personal service and exceptional quality
  • Competitive Costs

Give us a call today - One of our Knowledgeable representative will assist you in selecting a F.E.M.A standard storm shelter that will meet your needs.  We pride ourselves on protecting you and your family against severe weather.

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What are Storm Shelters?

Also called tornado shelters and weather safe shelters, a storm shelter is a bunker, cellar, or room that is designed to withstand the onslaught of severe weather conditions.  They are especially useful in those areas that experience a great deal of tornado activity, such as in the Midwest and Southeastern portions of the United States.

What are the Best Kinds of Storm Shelters?

There are usually two kinds of storm shelters:  below ground and above ground.  And while most people fall under the delusion that underground shelters are safer, this is oftentimes not the case.  There seems to be more potential hazards with outdoor cellars than with indoor shelters.  For instance, an outdoor, below-ground cellar forces a person to go outside to seek shelter in the event of a tornado or hurricane.  Other advantages to above ground shelters include:

  • You avoid the need for stairs that can be adverse to the elderly or others with disabilities.
  • You lower your risk of being trapped inside.
  • Better ventilation.
  • Less likely to have problems with flooding, snakes, and varmints.

Storm Shelter Standard Requirements Set by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (F.E.M.A.)

  • Walls, doors, and ceiling that can withstand winds of up to 250 mph
  • Solid foundation
  • Walls, ceiling and a main-door entrance able to withstand falling foreign objects - propelled at roughly 100 mph
  • Protected Ventilation System
  • Equipped with a fire extinguisher, first-aid kit, at least two flashlights, 8 hour supply of drinking water, and a NOAA radio
  • A transmitter to notify emergency personnel of the shelter's location if necessary

Do you need a Storm Shelter?  We Can Help

Iron Tight Storm Shelters offer you peace of mind when severe weather strikes, with a storm shelter that is proven to withstand the strongest tornado or hurricane.  Our Iron Tight shelters have been tested by the Texas Tech Wind Science and Engineering Center, and meet or exceed FEMA specifications.  All units hold and F5 rating.  We are also members of the American Tornado Shelter Association (ATSA).