You can put your trust in Iron Tight Saferooms and Storm Shelters!  We offer personal service and guarantee exceptional quality.  We provide above ground storm shelters and safe rooms with an engineer seal of approval.  All of our storm shelters meet and/or exceed FEMA standards and our 1/4" steel in-home safe room has been ballistically tested, offering you the BEST in family protection.  Our Safe Rooms and Storm Shelters will also serve as a vault/safe for valuables.  Iron Tight Saferooms and Storm Shelters is committed to offering you the best protection for your family and valuables at a very competitive cost!

Iron Tight Saferooms & Storm Shelters


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Sizes Offered


Our storm shelters, saferooms and gun safes come in various models and sizes to meet your needs.  Click here for more information on our sizing and custom orders.

Our Gallery features images of our products as well as the installation process and completed projects.

Our products are made with exceptional quality to provide protection for you, your family, and your valuables.